I’m a Research Fellow and Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Department of Humanities – Philosophy Section of the University of Pavia.

My research interests fall in the domains of epistemology, philosophy of science, epistemic cognition, and philosophy of cognitive science. My current work involves the foundation of a cognitively oriented epistemology of ignorance, with reference to the embodied and extended mind theory, cognitive niches construction studies, and a naturalized perspective on logic.

I’m member of the Computational Philosophy Laboratory, AppEEL – Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Laboratory, Sci-Lab – Serendipity, Creativity and Inovation, the Serendipity Society, AISC – Italian Association of Cognitive Science, and SILFS – Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science. You can find some of my works also on Academia.edu and ResearchGate.

Awarded Grants

Mar. – Dec. 2021
INROAd+ Grant, Project “INROAd+ ENIGMA”, P.I.: Selene Arfini. Funding Organization: University of Pavia, ERC talents @UNIPV. Amount Awarded: € 10.000,00. Grant awarded for the submission of the project ENIGMA to the ERC Starting Grant Call 2021.
Aug. 2020 -Aug. 2021Lorentz Grant, Project “Enacting Chance: Ignorance, Insight and Intuition”, P.I.: Samantha Copeland, Selene Arfini, Wendy Ross. Funding Organization: Lorentz Center, Leiden University. Amount Awarded: € 6.250,00. Grant awarded for the organization of a Lorentz Workshop
Aug. – Oct. 2016TiLPS Visiting Fellowship Grant, Project “Reducing Epistemic Autoimmunity in Group Research”, P.I.: Selene Arfini. Supervisors: Jan Sprenger and Matteo Colombo. Funding Organization: TiLPS – Tilburg Center for Moral Philosophy, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. Amount Awarded: € 2.000,00. Grant awarded for TiLPS Visiting Fellowships for Junior Scholars.